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IMPACT Social Enterprise provides young people with the skills, knowledge and resources they need to create real change in their communities. We run programs that support and upskill young entrepreneurs as they enter the social enterprise space.
Schools Program
Our workshops teach social entrepreneurship through learning- by-doing. We split students into small teams and guide them through the process of building their own social enterprise ideas that address a local community or school issue.

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Higher Education
Education and connection. Those are the two words that define the Higher Education portfolio. They are in the business of educating young people, who are outside of high school, about the social enterprise space and connecting them with our dynamic networks and key influencers.

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Fellowship Program
Simply being a part of the Impact team is an awesome opportunity. Impact fellows have access to networking opportunities, personal development, and are paired with mentors from their industry to assist them with their goals.

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What is Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise is what happens when business meets charity. A social enterprise is a business that has its roots in creating social change. They are designed to raise revenue, but their primary goal will always be creating a positive social impact.

Social Enterprise is still in new and exciting territory, with incredible new businesses starting up every day. They can create social change in many different ways, such as donating profits to charities, employing people facing hard times, or providing a service that directly benefits a community.

You've probably seen examples of Social Enterprises in your every day life. Think Thankyou™, who sell products like water in shopping centres, and use profits towards ending poverty, or Zambrero™, who sell nutritious and sustainable Mexican food, while donating a plate of food to someone in need in the developing world every time a meal is purchased. For more examples of awesome Social Enterprises, check out our articles!

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