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Howdy, friends! If you’re wondering what you have clicked on right now, then it is something particularly special.

As part of launching our editorial space at IMPACT HQ, we are also creating an online community for you to come to for ideas, tips and tricks, and hopefully, connect with like-minded people. Part of growing this community, we want you to know who’s here at IMPACT.

Who are these people, apparently on a mission to launch a generation of young people who create an impact through social enterprise?

Well, that’s what this series is for. Over the next few months, we’re going to be introducing our Executive Team, who include our President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education Director (Higher Education), Education Director (Schools), Communications Director, Human Resources Director and our Victoria Director. We’re actually hiring for the Victoria Director, so if you want to apply, click here!

That’s enough from us, so without further ado, why don’t you meet Jarred?

What exactly do I do?

As IMPACT’s President, I’m responsible for leading and supporting the Executive team, ensuring the organisation runs smoothly, developing and implementing our strategy and raising the profile of social entrepreneurship by representing IMPACT in the community.

impact social enterprise president
Being quite Presidential at our last event, Autumn Affair.

I’ve been volunteering with IMPACT since 2014 when I joined as the first Schools Program Fellow. In that role, I designed, prototyped and launched the Schools Program. I recruited a fantastic team of supporters (including our Education Director, Zoe Kansky) to start the first program at Brisbane Boys’ College. Last year, I was the Education Director where I managed IMPACT’s Schools Program, Conference and Melbourne portfolios. It’s been an incredible journey where I’ve learnt heaps about social enterprise, facilitation and event management.

What about non-IMPACT things?

Beyond IMPACT, my guilty pleasure is 90s megapop. I’m a diehard fan of the Backstreet Boys, and a little bit of Britney does not go amiss with me. Below is a photo of me performing ‘I Want It That Way’ at a youth camp. I’ll always bring Backstreet Back if I have the chance.

impact social enterprise president
I wasn’t joking about the Backstreet Boys…

I’m also super interested in Star Wars, manga, Christopher Nolan films and I’m keen to learn more about economics. I love volunteering at youth camps, and my favourite show recently has been ‘You Can’t Ask That’ on ABC.

Fun Fact: What’s the strangest thing I’ve ever eaten?

I went to a ‘Future of Food’ event and ate cicadas (which tasted like peanut butter), and an ant and jellyfish canape. The future of food doesn’t look or taste great (though cicadas are pretty decent). I hope someone invents sustainable pizza.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Everyone is faking it. Everyone feels like an imposter sometimes, so it’s all good if you don’t feel 100% across what you’re doing! I received this piece of advice from a mentor who talks to executives across the business and charity sectors, every day. They suspected many have an air of cool on the surface but are always learning on the job and faking it until they make it.

impact social enterprise president
That time I pitched to start a major IMPACT development – the schools program!

I have learnt that through IMPACT, too. It’s okay if you don’t feel confident; it’s all about learning by doing. Reach out to the mentors in your life, leaders, and networks to puzzle things out together.

My tremendous plans for the rest of 2017.

I’m super excited to see the outcomes from IMPACT’s largest team yet. This is a super exciting year for us, where we’ll get to refine our Conference model, enhance our Schools Program, deliver some innovative ways of marketing ourselves and extend our presence in Melbourne. Most of all, with more people we can make more impact. We’re going to take Australia by storm, and empower even more young people to be social entrepreneurs.

If you want to get in touch with Jarred or talk all things Backstreet Boys, then you can email him: Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, tweet to us, or heart us on Instagram.

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