Higher Education

Educating is where it starts

Our Schools Program is dedicated to educating students through high school, but the social enterprise journey doesn’t end there. Whether individuals have had a social enterprise education in school, we are always crafting new opportunities for young people to make an impact in this space.

We now work closely with universities, including the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and Griffith University, and independent organisations to provide diverse social enterprise education. Our comprehensive programs are tailor-made for each group we meet, to reflect their needs, current knowledge of the industry, and goals for the future.

Connecting with the connectors

With education being key to being involved in social enterprise, the second part is connection to the right people. That’s what we do really well.

Since we were founded a few years ago, our entire organisation has been carefully growing our relationships with influential members of the social enterprise space. From leading social enterprises, including Thankyou and Who Gives A Crap, to local social entrepreneurs just starting out, we know them all.

Having these connections isn’t for our benefit; rather they are critical to our philosophy at IMPACT. Social enterprises can’t be born and grown alone. They thrive when surrounded by people. Whether it’s people who share your passion, business experts, individuals with the platform to provide public exposure, or just friends to say, ‘You got this,’ – IMPACT has you covered.

We best entwine our themes of education and connection at our annual National Conference, run over one weekend in August. With over 120 young people in attendance, our Conference is the perfect environment to transform an idea into a business pitch by the end. Guided by leaders in the field and other people who share your vision for the future, our Conference transforms ambition into a reality.

For more on our how our Higher Education team can help you, please get in touch with our Director, Sean Tran.

Sean Tran
Higher Education Director