At IMPACT, we give young people the skills, knowledge and network to craft a better world. We teach social enterprise as a strategy for tackling pressing problems and developing entrepreneurial skills.

We’ve been named Young Social Pioneers by the Foundation for Young Australians, and winners at the Queensland Young Achiever Awards. Our former volunteers have gone on to work in the federal government, consulting firms Deloitte, PwC and Nous, think-tanks such as the Grattan Institute, tech giant Microsoft, and non-profits such as Teach For Australia.

But at IMPACT, we don’t just work. As a volunteer with us, you’ll experience a weekend retreat to get to know your peers, professional development sessions to hone your skills, and you’ll meet a bunch of awesome like-minded team members.

We’re change-makers, creators and collaborators. And we’ve always got each other’s back.

We’re seeking a new team of enthusiastic volunteers who are keen to learn, grow and be challenged together. We’d love for you to join us!

Applications close Midnight, September 29.

Apply Now – Executive

Manager & Fellowship


About the Executive

The IMPACT Executive are the strategic leaders responsible for the vision, functioning, and support of the organisation.

Chief Human Resources Officer

This is a key position for someone seeking to be a mentor, trainer, recruiter and visionary.

You will be a mentor and supporter for all of IMPACT’s volunteers. As the key collaborator with the CEO, you will contribute heavily to IMPACT’s strategy, its volunteer program and organisational culture. 

See here for more information: Chief Human Resource Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

You will be responsible for promoting IMPACT’s events and raising awareness of what we do. As the CMO, you will create marketing strategies with a team of volunteers and work with them to generate excitement about IMPACT. 

See here for more information: Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, you will be IMPACT’s Treasurer responsible for managing our budget, payments and revenue. As a result, you will play a key role in shaping IMPACT’s events and strategy.

See here for more information: Chief Financial Officer

Victoria State Director

If you’re an entrepreneurial thinker, a leader, and a great communicator from Victoria – you can have the opportunity to develop our Victorian branch. You will manage and lead IMPACT’s Victoria Team who will deliver school workshops and incubator programs for young social entrepreneurs. 

See here for more information: Victoria State Director


About the Management Team

IMPACT’s Management team are the hands-on leaders who drive our key programs. As a Manager, you’ll be responsible for your own team of Fellows who you’ll work with to grow IMPACT’s reach and potential

Schools Program Manager

Want to be at the forefront of delivering an award-winning youth-led initiative?
We are searching for an enthusiastic leader with big ambitions, a passion for young people and a knack for mentoring / teaching. The Schools Program Manager will secure client schools for IMPACT’s Schools Program, train and manage a team of facilitators, and mentor Schools Program Fellows.

See here for more information Schools Program Manager

Conference Manager

Turbocharge young people’s capacity to make change and collaborate with leading social entrepreneurs. 

You will be responsible for creating IMPACT’s 2018 Conference, giving you the chance to deliver Australia’s largest youth-led social enterprise Conference. You will lead a team of volunteers, develop external partnerships, and establish networks with social entrepreneurs.

See here for more information: Conference Manager

Community Manager

Calling all creators, doers and shapers – this is an opportunity to make your mark. As the Community Manger, you will develop an incubator, advisory, or development program for IMPACT’s community of young people who want to become social entrepreneurs. You will have the scope and support to develop something unique 
See here for more information: Community Manager


About the Fellowship Team

IMPACT Fellows deliver our programs and presence to hundreds of young people each year. It’s an opportunity to be at forefront of social enterprise education and to enhance young people’s potential to solve social or environmental issues that they care about.

Schools Program Fellow

Got a passion for education, community engagement or social change?
Launch young change-makers with cutting edge workshops as one of IMPACT’s Schools Program Fellows. You will deliver IMPACT’s Schools Program in classrooms across QLD, encouraging high school students to build their own social enterprises.

See here more information: Schools Program Fellow

Conference Fellow

We’re seeking enthusiastic young people with an interest in event management. In this role, you will be at the forefront of developing IMPACT’s major event that delivers cutting-edge social enterprise education. You will work in a team of Fellows led by the Conference Manager to produce the content, partnerships and logistics required for IMPACT’s 2018 Conference.

See here more information: Conference Fellow

Graphic Design Fellow

We need someone to keep us stylish and slick. If you know your way around Graphic Design programs and are seeking to contribute your creative skills to a community organisation – we want to hear from you!

See here for more information: Graphic Design Fellow

IT Fellow

As our resident IT expert you will be responsible for making sure that all our websites and emails are functioning at 100%. You’ll be a vital player in the marketing team, because you will find unique ways that IMPACT can use technology for promotions and for enhancing events.

See here for more information: IT Fellow

Editorial Fellow

Aspiring writer, journalist, or editor? Or just keen to learn more about the social enterprise sector? 


The Editorial Fellow will produce articles for the IMPACT Blog. It’s a chance to meet with social entrepreneurs, generate inspiring stories, and keep your finger on the pulse of the social change scene.

See here for more information: Editorial Fellow