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The IMPACT Schools Program

Our workshops teach social entrepreneurship through learning-by-doing. We split students into small teams and guide them through the process of building their own social enterprise ideas that address a local community or school issue. With our program, your school can:

Empower students:
Social enterprise requires entrepreneurial skills and a community mindset. The IMPACT Schools Program builds the qualities, empowering students to see themselves as young innovators and change-makers who can make a difference in creative ways and launch their own initiatives.

“The workshop made me think about how capable I am. Originally I thought that starting a social enterprise was very out of my reach, but I could do it now.”

Schools Program Graduate

Benefit the community:
We encourage students to develop realistic social enterprise ideas they could launch themselves and we connect students with opportunities to take their ideas further. This means the Schools Program may have direct benefits for issues in your school or local community.

“IMPACT helps give you an idea of possible ways to make a difference.”

Schools Program Graduate

Be a school for the future:
Social enterprise is changing nature of business and social interventions. It is fast becoming a preferred method for ‘doing good’ because it is sustainable and can be scaled. By engaging your students with social entrepreneurship, your school will not only give them critical enterprising skills for future employment; but also position them as thought leaders in this growing space.

“How different it was from any other program I’ve ever done… I learned many new things.”

Schools Program Graduate

Our Workshops

Schools Program Series:
Our premium offering, the Schools Program Series incorporates six workshops that guide students through the social enterprise process. Students will select an issue to address analyse its root causes, design a social enterprise solution and pitch this to their peers and school staff. The Schools Program Series offers a rigorous foundation in social entrepreneurship and the scope to cultivate unique ideas

We offer this program in a variety of formats:

  • One day session
  • 2 half-day sessions or 3 third-of-a-day sessions
  • 6 sessions over 6 weeks

Introduction to Social Enterprise:
This 1.5 hour workshop provides a concise orientation to the world of social entrepreneurship. We demonstrate social enterprise through a variety of examples and give students the opportunity to build and share social enterprise ideas that target problems we provide

Leadership Lessons from Social Enterprise:
Designed for school leaders, this 1.5 hour session demonstrates how leaders can think strategically about a variety of problems. We draw on the mindset of social entrepreneur to give advice about innovation creativity and managing teams.

 Our Customers

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If you are interested in empowering youth with social entrepreneurship, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Zoe Kansky or a schools program fellow for more details.

Zoe Kansky
Education Director (Schools)